Don’t run away from grief, o soul. Look for the remedy inside the pain; because the rose came from the thorn and the ruby came from a stone. (Rumi)

Has grief touched your life in some way? Grief doesn’t have to be about the death of a loved one. Any loss needs to be grieved and we lose important things all the time – from our health, to a relationship, a job, a home, or even something as simple as a pair of earrings! The list goes on…

Has death touched your life in some way? I “lost” my daughter in 2007. Since then I have learned a lot about losses and the grief that results. The death of a loved one is undoubtedly the greatest loss we can experience and the grief that follows is profound and changes us forever. But as Rumi says, we can find opportunity even in the most profound grief and move forward into life with renewed purpose and vigor.

That is what this website is about – finding the life in death and loss, finding the ruby in the stone.

Are you ready to look at your own death? Death is part of the human condition. We are all going to die. How would your life change if you realized that and lived your life in reflection of that known end? Are you curious about what comes after death? Come and join in Death Café, where I create a safe comfortable place in which we can talk about life and death, living and dying.

If you have lost a loved one or know someone who has, I offer my own personal experience with the loss of a loved one through my book “Elizabeth, where are you?” and it is available here.

And finally, I have noticed that the experience of loss often results in losing your awareness of the present moment and your sense of movement in your body. I invite you to begin to pay attention to how you move and how much stress there is in your body in your everyday activities. Sign up for my “Take a Mindful Moment” series so you can begin to experience more ease and less tension in your life.