Kit’s Book: Elizabeth, where are you?

“Elizabeth, Where are You?”   en français

Written by Kit Racette | Illustrations by Ann-Christine Racette

Elizabeth, where are you?My daughter Elizabeth died suddenly in 2007. Her death was devastating and overwhelming and I struggled with the sense of grief and loss. The question that kept returning was “Where is She?” I would want to pick up the phone and tell her something and realise she wasn’t there. I would see some one walking down the street and think it was Elizabeth, but no, she wasn’t there.

The death of a loved one, be it a parent, child, sister, brother, or the long time family pet, can be devastating and overwhelming. We neither have the skills nor the experience to cope with the loss and the end of life as we know it. When someone close to us dies, the life we have known with them is gone – that life is in our memory and not living in the present.

Some may be sustained by religion in times of crisis but in the case of death, religion is found wanting. We begin to question our beliefs:  what God would do this to me? How can I continue? For me, the ultimate question was “where is my daughter now that she is dead”?

The book is my way of sharing my journey through grief in an attempt to answer that question. The rich water color illustrations, painted by my niece Ann Christine, capture the elusiveness of these answers.  Each visual allows the reader to get in touch with a new emotion, eliciting a sense of harmony and connectedness with the longing expressed in the words.

It is my hope that Ann Christine’s illustrations in Elizabeth, Where Are You? will provide solace to grievers as they begin their personal journeys to find the answers to their questions.

“Elizabeth, Where Are You makes it clear that there are no boundaries when it concerns the continuing bonds between the living and their beloved special person who died. The book also reinforces the right of the griever to ask questions no matter how long it has been after the death of their special person.”
Natalie Segall MA. CT.
Cancer Patient Education Coordinator
Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal General Hospital

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Elizabeth, Where Are You comes in two sizes:
7” x 7” Free of charge for orders of ten or more.

3” x 3” Regrettably these are no longer available.

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